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The Race Equity Leadership Collective or The RE Collective

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Yellow Pantone: #F7DB00

Imperial Red: #E73D44

Dark Jungle Green: #002526

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Donisha ShepardProgram Development & Steering Committee Liaison

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Media FAQs:

What is the Race Equity Research and Leadership Collective: 

Founded in 2020, we are a non-profit organization that draws on a collective of leaders, narratives and lived experiences in Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities to build frameworks for dismantling racism. Our mission is to reshape research, advocacy and policy landscapes to equitably center BIPOC voices marginalized by systemic racism, appropriated, exploited and silenced. Our frameworks, research, advocacy, and leadership development, were produced in collaboration with community members, researchers, policymakers and activists. At the foundation of our work is the understanding that we cannot empower our most marginalized communities without transforming the people, institutions, and systems that govern them. We envision a world free of oppression where BIPOC communities have complete agency over their existence and power is distributed equitably.

What is the Ukombozi Fellowship:

The Ukombozi Fellowship is a year-long program created to train, cultivate, and support new and emerging leaders committed to anti-racism change work. The fellowship works to create a network of BIPOC leaders who acknowledge the exigency of eliminating racism from our organizations and systems to create a more equitable world.  It will  provide fellows with practical, proven strategies that can be used to reshape our organizational and movements into inclusive, anti-racist spaces. 

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