Leadership Development

Why Leadership Development Matters

The Race Equity Leadership and Research Collective is committed to the advancement of BIPOC people. Increasingly, the leaders of today are acknowledging the exigency of eliminating racism from our organizations and systems if we want to create a more equitable world. However, structural barriers remain in place that often result in individuals lacking the tactical skill set or strategy to effect change.

This is especially relevant to emerging Black, Indigenous, and Latinx and other leaders of color. These leaders need practical, proven strategies that can be used to reshape our organizations and movements into inclusive, anti-racist spaces.

Apply to our Anti-Racist Leadership Program Today

We are accepting applications for the Ukombozi Fellowship Program through April 30, 2021.

Want to support the fellowship?

The 2021-22 fellowship tuition is $1,250. In addition to sponsoring their own staff’s attendance, community and corporate organizations are encouraged to become a sponsor to help us cover the cost for year-long participation in the fellowship for those without the funds.

Want to learn how to lend your support? Contact us for more more information on how to get started.