Why Research Matters

A critical flaw of academic and research spaces is that so much of today’s research is not community-centered and disregards cultural nuances. As a result, those most connected to the community are overlooked and their voices are left out of the process. 

At the Race Equity Leadership and Research Collective, we believe that research should be accessible to the people who would most benefit from it. There’s a need and demand for academic, accessible research that centers BIPOC perspectives – and we are working to fill it. 

Join Our Research Team

Are you a researcher who wants their work to add to not just a collective, academic knowledge base, but also to practitioners in the non-academic realm? If so, join our research team as we focus on the following areas:

Centering BIPOC Voices

Create research that centers BIPOC voices and that places value on relationship-building and power sharing.

Empowering Communities

Transform your research and data into impactful, practical recommendations that recreates the narrative using language that evokes power and a strengths-based approach.

Informing Leadership Development

Become a part of research that will inform a curriculum that equips the leaders of today and tomorrow with the knowledge needed to create anti-racist spaces.

Want to support our research?

Contact us for more information on how to get started. You can also help fund our research by submitting a donation.